Top Industry Tips for Successful Video Webcasting Presentations – Part Two


In  part one of Xyvid, Inc.’s three-part blog series on successful webcast  presentations, several key tips were offered. Xyvid’s technology experts  recognize that there are numerous details involved in delivering a successful  webcast event. The additional tips below will continue to build on the  important elements necessary to ensure a successful virtual event and  ultimately help you achieve the best results possible.

  • Choose great speakers and topics: A  major key to your successful event – great speakers! Secure speakers that are  the most knowledgeable on the event’s subject matter, easiest to train, and  preferably people with an existing following in the industry. Your goal is a  speaker (or speakers) that not only present an outstanding, educational  event, but whose name(s) will entice the attendance. As potential attendees  search social media platforms, YouTube, etc., a prominent speaker can be  found and connect directly to your event details.

Ensure that your event’s content hits on the subjects that will most appeal  to your target audience. Evaluate your email database, feedback from current  clients, topics of interest to competitors, etc., to see what potential  attendees are most interested in hearing/seeing.

  • Utilize measurable tools: From data  collection to end-user feedback, a company/system that offers valuable  real-time and post-event input is crucial. Implement tools that automatically  track registrations and deliver full viewership reports of your event. Opt  for audience polling for consensus building and data capture. Dynamic data  collection contributes to the ROI of your event. This includes valuable  surveys and collection of feedback from your participants, client, etc. after  the event.

Once the event is finished, valuable feedback can still be gathered.  Utilize surveys, interactive post-event analytics, social media applications  and other post-event communications to continue the flow of information.  Great follow-up can turn current attendees into regular participants for  future events.

Coming soon…don’t miss the final installment of Xyvid’s three-part blog  series on top industry tips for successful video webcasting  presentations.

Xyvid, Inc. delivers precision broadcasting for the web. For our clients,  we provide a high-resolution, internet-based broadcast platform as an  affordable substitute to high-priced satellite broadcasting, without  sacrificing any of the visual quality of the broadcast. For our viewers, we  provide a dynamic, interactive and engaging virtual  event experience that is proactively monitored to constantly meet  our own performance standards and exceed viewer expectations.