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At Ten Events, we've built a reputation for consistent reliability and unwavering support. Our goal is simple: to ensure that every event we manage scores a perfect ten. From meticulous planning to flawless execution, we're committed to delivering excellence at every step of the way.

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Introducing Xyvid Co-Pilot

Imagine having the keys to the industry’s premier web-streaming platform. Now you can. With Xyvid Co-Pilot, you get full access to the system and customized support options for every level of expertise.


Welcoming New Partners

Our portfolio just got a bit bigger. Through new collaborations with Zoom, Hive and Touchcast, our team can support the full spectrum of your web broadcasting needs.

Trusted By

“When we need our Events to stand out amongst the competition, we use Xyvid. Their platform shines, their engagement tools are top notch, and the Account Team is great to work with!”

Shawshonee Stokes
Strategic Engagement Manager, Cardinal Health

“I have been in this industry for a long time and the Xyvid platform is really fantastic! Easy to use, feature rich and the producers are some of the best! In addition, their customer service is extremely responsive and always a pleasure to work with.”

Scott Roberts
SVP Event Production, IPG Health

"Well Done....Found the new format to be engaging.... "

Program Attendee

"Format was very attention holding. The platform performed exceptionally."

Program Attendee

“We have been planning large-scale virtual events for years and the Xyvid platform is really fantastic! We appreciate features like the ability to add multiple handouts to the platform and the audience engagement tools like word clouds and polling questions. The Xyvid team walks us through every stage of the planning process and the producers make sure the program goes off without a hitch! We have been incredibly happy with Xyvid.”

Cara Wzorek
Program Manager, ECRI Institute

"I really enjoy the format more than the old format of these webcasts.  I don't know what the psychology behind it is, but I find it easier to focus on the topics."

Program Attendee

"I like the new format. It is more engaging and interesting."

Program Attendee

"I appreciate the technology used in this session. Wow. Impressive technology and coordination."

Program Attendee

“The event was terrific! Everyone that I have asked both in-person and virtual thought it was seamless and well executed! Dan and the team were awesome on site - absolute pleasure to work with! Of course - I credit you with the success on how smoothly it ran from our first prep meeting up until 9a this morning - you truly are a rockstar!”

Lauren Dolinski
Northwell Health

"Great job - thank you.  This is probably the best platform I've viewed webinars on and one of the most professional programs I've seen.  Keep up the great work!!"

Program Attendee