A Conversation on Hybrid

Will hybrid events cannibalize my live audience?  Isn't a hybrid meeting just a live meeting with a camera in the back of the room? What is a virtual ambassador? What is a hybrid friendly web broadcasting platform?

In today's ever-changing world, the way we conduct events and conferences has undergone a profound transformation. Combining the best elements of physical and virtual gatherings, hybrid events can be a tremendously effective way to get your message out. They can also be a daunting proposition. Do I hire two companies, one for the in-room production and another for the virtual? If I do, who is responsible if something goes wrong?

Frank Zink is the President of Dyventive Inc., a company that has successfully implemented thousands of live event technology projects for the world’s leading pharmaceutical, financial, technology, association, and conference and event management organizations. Dave Kovalcik is the visionary founder of a number of successful event based companies including Xyvid Inc., a premiere provider of highly engaging and innovative virtual and hybrid events for Global 2000 clients.

"A Conversation on Hybrid" offers invaluable insights on advantages and considerations from these two industry experts.