About Us

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” - Xun Kuang, Philosopher | 321-230 BC

At Ten Events, we believe that communication is the basis of all human progress. It's how we do everything from solving our toughest problems to creating our most wondrous advances. Great people and great companies collaborate to do great things, and then they tell the world about it.  

Since our founding (as Xyvid) in 2011, we've felt that virtual events are not just web broadcasts, but presentations meant to spread important ideas - and that beautiful, well-executed presentations actually help make our world a better place.  

With our deep roots in the live event industry, we've built a web broadcasting platform and a company on the premise that virtual events need to be better. They need to give viewers a reason to tune in and stay tuned in, and they need to bring the brands of those presenting to life.  

In June of 2021 Xyvid was purchased by V-cube Inc, the leading provider of SaaS based visual communications platform for web conferencing and web broadcasting in Japan, with over $100M in annual revenue and 500 employees.    

Naoki Mashita founded V-cube in 1998 right after graduating University. The company started as a development firm building Web Sites and Mobile Applications.  In 2000, the company developed web-conferencing services. In 2013 the company went public on the Nikkei. Headquartered in Tokyo, V-cube is the leading provider of Zoom to Japan, has a global presence, and a diversified product portfolio.  

We are proud to be a V-cube company and can now leverage V-cube's immense talents and resources all over the world.

In May of 2024, Xyvid developed a new brand identity as Ten Events to better reflect our comprehensive approach to planning, producing, and broadcasting top-tier virtual and hybrid events for our clients.  With the transition to Ten Events, we've embraced a name that encapsulates the essence of our mission and vision. "Ten" embodies the power of our previous brand, Xyvid, with the inclusion of the letter "X," while signifying the evolution of our business into a leading innovative event solutions provider. It also symbolizes our commitment to excellence, as we strive to achieve a perfect score with every event we manage.

Core Values

Our Foundation for Success

We are family

We practice respect, support, compassion and caring for one another

Work hard

Give extra time, make sacrifices and do what it takes to accomplish company goals

Practice innovation

We innovate, reinvent and always make things better within the company

Take responsibility

We aid those less fortunate than us

Roll the dice

Take risks with applied intelligence

Speak your mind

Be heard and understood with the intention of making the company better

Have a blast

Enjoy the people around you and the job that you do

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