Our Partnership with Touchcast

Experience Metaverse Innovation with Ten Events and Touchcast

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About Touchcast Showtime

Just as we've partnered with Zoom to enhance your virtual communication, we are equally excited to announce our collaboration with Touchcast Showtime. This innovative platform is designed for multi-track live virtual conferences, featuring intuitive landing pages and customizable branding options, creating a high-end experience akin to having your own bespoke streaming app.


Our Partnership with Touchcast Showtime

Our collaboration with Touchcast Showtime addresses the unique requirements of multi-track conferences. Drawing upon our extensive event production expertise, Ten Events aligns with the standards set by our parent company, VCube, a prominent partner of Touchcast.

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How Ten Events Enhances Your Touchcast Showtime Multi-Track Conference

Event Planning and Management

Our experienced team can manage the planning and execution of your multi-track conferences from inception to completion. We collaborate closely with you to create a detailed run of show, ensuring a seamless event.

Creative Enhancement

We ensure that these landing pages are not just informative but also engaging, enhancing the overall user experience while reinforcing your brand identity.

Comprehensive Speaker Support

Through breakouts for speaker-ready rooms, we ensure that presenters are well-prepared and that every aspect of your conference runs smoothly.

Technical Expertise

Our team's deep understanding of Touchcast Showtime's capabilities guarantees a seamless execution of your conference content.

Audience Focus

We prioritize audience engagement across all tracks, creating impactful virtual events that resonate with your brand.

Seamless Integration

Ten Events seamlessly integrates with the Touchcast Showtime platform, enhancing your multi-track conference experience with consistent branding.

Why Choose Touchcast Showtime and Ten Events for Your Multi-Track Conferences?

Together, we create a distinctive and impactful partnership. While Touchcast Showtime provides the platform, our expertise ensures that each track of your conference is well-executed and engaging.

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