Xyvid Co-Pilot

Now offering customized, self-service access to the industry’s premier web-streaming platform.

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Customized Options for Every Level of Expertise

Do you have a team of professionals who manage your virtual events and are looking for the best platform on the market? We have the ultimate solution to take your execution to the next level.

How We Can Help

With Xyvid Co-Pilot, your team gains full access to the Xyvid Pro platform, and our dedicated Xyvid Support Team will be at your disposal, if and when you’re ready. We’ll customize your subscription to meet the needs of your team.

Discover the Benefits of Xyvid Co-Pilot

What sets us apart is the level of customization and support we provide each of our clients. We’ll be your partner, every step of the way.

Gain full access to the Xyvid Pro platform to give your viewers an unparalleled streaming experience

Convenient purchasing options based on your team’s level of expertise

Endless resource of creative and production services at your disposal to ensure your virtual event is not just visually stunning, but also crystal clear

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