Xyvid Web Broadcasting Features


Our  team of architects has developed a unique web-based player that displays  multiple dynamic view states during live presentations.

Our polling system includes drag and drop re-ordering and multiple  answers in addition to traditional multiple choice polls, allowing you to ask  more complex questions. Moderated Q&A allows you to talk with your  audience. Our system allows your team to review questions from anywhere in  the world prior to sharing them with the presenter or audience. Marketing  tools including custom registration, branded emails, and comprehensive  reporting on attendance and engagement is another dynamic way to reach your  audience.

  • Vector-based slides,  high-definition video, and modular supplemental content combine to form a  fully customizable platform.
  • Communicate  complex ideas and engage your audience with tools like polling, moderated  Q&A and interactive games.
  • Grow your audience  and extend your ROI with on demand content and archives, all using  Xyvid's dynamic platform."
  • Show your  audience supplemental information like speaker bios and safety information  without detracting from your core presentation.

Xyvid’s one of a kind Support Feedback Loop ensures your message  reaches your audience. Our team monitors each attendee’s connection and  proactively contacts viewers to troubleshoot problems in order to provide the  best experience possible.

An End-to-End Web  Presentation Solution

Xyvid is truly an end-to-end solution for your web broadcasting  and presentation needs. Our in-house production staff produces your show  professionally and effectively. Utilizing cutting-edge equipment makes our  team agile, allowing us to broadcast from any location. And our Xyvid  certified network of over 250 venues in more than 180 cities means we deliver  satellite quality broadcasts at a fraction of the cost.</p><p>Xyvid delivers the best visual content tools in the industry. Our  partnership with the world's leading CDN ensures our global reach. We are reliable, robust, engaging, and flexible.