Xyvid Launches a New Chapter with Exciting Comprehensive Rebrand


Langhorne, PA (May 20) – Xyvid, a subsidiary of V-Cube, a leader in global communications technology, is thrilled to announce its rebranding to Ten Events, marking a significant milestone in the company's evolution and commitment to excellence in producing and streaming corporate events.


Xyvid’s advancement over the last few years propelled the company to create an identity that better reflects its core values, services, and unwavering dedication to client satisfaction. Ten Events embodies the essence of our mission—to produce and broadcast the best and most reliable corporate events, ensuring our clients' success and exceeding their expectations every step of the way.


"Our rebranding to Ten Events signifies a strategic evolution in line with our commitment to innovation, reliability, and client-centricity," said Randy Jones, CEO of Ten Events. "Our new name not only reflects who we are but also underscores our continued dedication to delivering exceptional experiences and support for our clients' most critical events."


Ten Events remains steadfast in its commitment to excellence, ensuring that clients receive unparalleled support and service, particularly during highly viewed and high-profile corporate events. With more partnerships, solutions, and integrations than ever before, Ten Events is poised to exceed client expectations and set new standards for excellence in corporate event production and streaming.


The rebranding to Ten Events represents an exciting new chapter in the company's journey, and we invite clients, partners, and stakeholders to join us in celebrating this milestone.


About Ten Events:

Ten Events is a leading provider of corporate event production and webcasting solutions, dedicated to delivering exceptional experiences and support for clients' most critical events. With a focus on innovation, excellence, and client-centricity, Ten Events offers a comprehensive suite of services to ensure the success of corporate events of any scale and complexity.


About V-Cube:

V-cube's mission is to “Provide Even Opportunity to everybody”. By creating an environment where people can communicate"anytime" and "anywhere", V-cube is working to eliminate the diverse inequalities that arise from time-and distance-constraints. Through visual communication, we aim to reduce the time and distance between people and interact, resolve social issues such as a declining birthrate, an aging society, long working hours, education and medical disparities, and realize a society in which all people can equally earn opportunities.