5 Simple and Effective Ways to Improve the Professionalism of your Webcasts

"A dimly lit shadowy figure fades into focus.  Old coffee cups and piles of paper are seen  in the background.  A family photo is  seen over the figure's right shoulder and you are certain you know one of the  people in the photo.  As the main  character begins to speak, there is a distinct buzzing in the background and  after 5 minutes, you can stand it no longer; you close the window to the  webcast."

 Poor production can ruin even the most interesting presentation before it starts.  Engaging speakers, excellent content and  the perfect layout are no match for poor lighting and bad audio.  Here are 5 simple and effective ways to  improve the professionalism of your webcasts.

  1. Remove the clutter - Create a clean set with  minimal distraction.  No pictures,  coffee cups, photographs of loved ones or outside windows.  Don’t let the audience's eye wander to  anything but the speaker.
  2. Clothing - Muted colors are best with no  patterns.  Patterns can pixilate and  create strange lines with lower resolutions.   Solid earth tones are best, keeping away from the bright reds, oranges  and yellows.
  3. Proper Mics - Use a lapel microphone if at all  possible, they are available at your local electronics shop and will improve  your audio greatly. Be aware to mount the mic properly if your presenter  likes to move around, keep it from scratching against clothing or other  objects.  Please also remember to hide  the wire!!
  4. Lighting - You can really go crazy here, but  for the general audience make sure there are minimal shadows.  You can start by learning to use a basic  3-point lighting kit and try not to wash out the presenter with too much  light.  A bit of makeup will remove the  shiny spots on the forehead and cheeks.
  5. Studio - Use a studio if the presentation is  an important one.  The lighting,  cameras and audio truly make a difference in the final product.  The depth of the picture, the sound of the  presenter and the look of the set all add to an engaging, compelling  presentation.

Using even a few of the above pointers will greatly improve the look and  feel of your next presentation.  Video  on the web is getting better and better with the improvements in editing and  technology.  Spending a little money  and time will add great benefit to your final product.

With Xyvid  Pro and our team  of Production Specialists we can take your webcast from good to  great.  Whether it be in a small office  or a large production studio, our team is there to help plan, execute and  produce your event.