Top Industry Tips for Successful Video Webcasting Presentations – Part Three


In  this final installment of Xyvid, Inc.’s three-part blog series on successful  webcast presentations, you will find the remaining tips for conducting a  successful webcast event. We believe the combination of details offered in  this series will assist your team in providing an outstanding event that  delivers the desired outcomes.

  • Provide a great user experience:  Monitor the user’s experience throughout the event and be prepared to  troubleshoot a bad connection before it can impact the viewer’s live  participation. Ensure that a support team is available to quickly  regain focus on content if a technical issue should arise. Proactively audit  connections to ensure the best quality video and highest level of  satisfaction for the client and audience.

Provide your registrants with a valuable outreach and retention tool about  an hour before the event – a log-in reminder. Don’t lose momentum with  attendees on event day. Contact them with instructions to easily access your  program.

  • Exceed expectations: Deliver more  than the client and users expect! On the heels of your successful virtual  event, provide strong follow-up content that will enable you to continue the  conversations. Also consider integrating your event participants into a  social media group. Determine the successful elements from your recently  completed event that will benefit future meetings and  experiences.

Xyvid, Inc. delivers precision broadcasting for the web. For our clients,  we provide a high-resolution, internet-based broadcast platform as an  affordable substitute to high-priced satellite broadcasting, without  sacrificing any of the visual quality of the broadcast. For our viewers, we  provide a dynamic, interactive and engaging <a  href="">virtual  event experience</a> that is proactively monitored to constantly meet  our own performance standards and exceed viewer expectations.