PM360 Magazine Awards DPX CEO David Kovalcik the 2016 ELITE Award for Technological Breakthroughs


Dave  Kovalcik, Xyvid CEO and founder of DPX (The Companies of Dyventive,  PharMethod, Xyvid) has graciously accepted the 2016 ELITE  (Exceptional Leaders, Innovators, Transformers and  Entrepreneurs) award for technical know-how from PM360  Magazine. PM360 ELITE states that they “recognize the most  influential people in the healthcare industry—true catalysts who are creating  extraordinary results. They are the industry’s most powerful minds and are  the ones responsible for designing the future of healthcare.”

David Kovalcik - PM360 Magazine 2016 ELITE Award Winner
Dave  is highlighted in the May 2016 Issue as the industry’s Tech Know Geek for his ability to gauge and predict the technology that’s  enabled him to continuously evolve his companies in the tech, event and  pharmaceutical industries. This award is reserved for innovators who  are developing technological breakthroughs and are helping to reshape the  pharma industry.    

This award comes just as Xyvid prepares to launch the most innovate set of  virtual engagement tools that has even been available in the virtual meeting  space. These are new, dynamic tools that will enhance engagement  between speakers, viewers and content across companies, around the globe and  they promise to be the new frontier of content retention so that messages get  delivered and remembered across the board.

To read the PM360 feature, please visit: Page 111.

To read more about the evolution of technology and how Dave had driven his  companies to remain at the top of their games, please visit the DPX story.