Overcome "Virtual Fatigue" in an Online Work Environment


A large majority of people have been spending significantly more time online. Most of this has to do with the fact that employees have been required to work from home throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Simply put, spending eight hours a day, looking at a screen, is incredibly taxing on the brain because it takes more energy to stay focused online than it does in person. This has caused the problem of virtual fatigue. Continue reading to see how to overcome virtual fatigue.

Virtual fatigue occurs from spending too much time online, staring at a screen, specifically in virtual meetings. Employees may have started using new applications and platforms, which can lead to even more stress. At Xyvid, we are here to offer you, your employees, and even your clients relief from virtual fatigue.

  1. Xyvid Pro Engagement Tools: Our Engagement Tool Suite will keep your audience awake and engaged during your program. We offer polling, gamification, social media integration, Word Cloud, pulse, and more. Our engagement tools keep your participant’s attention and allow for a break from the typical, boring Zoom, WebEx or Microsoft Teams meeting. You can utilize an engagement tool at any point during your presentation. This will directly improve the retention of your content and your audience’s overall experience.
  2. Our Production Services: Unlike platforms such as Zoom, Webex or Microsoft Teams, Xyvid offers full team of production people and services for your virtual programs. Cameras, backdrops, lighting, and professional audio all make your important event look special.  Our team of production professionals will design and work with you to run your program and ensure that your message is professional and memorable – we help you present better.
  3. No Buffering: With our platform, you will not experience any buffering or waiting time. This can be detrimental during a virtual presentation because it is likely to cause your audience to lose interest. The Xyvid Pro platform is compatible with Hive Streaming. Hive Streaming “helps organizations easily deliver engaging, high quality video to its global workforce, and helps leaders understand the impact of video to the network and across the enterprise”.
  4. Add External Content: You can customize your presentation by bringing in content from anywhere on the web! Utilize websites, maps, and even 3D renders to supplement your webcast and engage your audience even more. Take any web page on the Internet and bring it into your presentation while continuing to speak and present about the newly added content. This is a Xyvid Pro exclusive that you will not find anywhere else.
  5. Dynamic Screen Movement: Another aspect of our platform that sets us apart from our competition is our Dynamic Screen Movement. With Xyvid Pro, you have the ability to move things around the screen during your presentation. Imagine simultaneously controlling the experience of every audience member.  Keep your audience’s attention by constantly switching up what they are viewing. Do you want to have a full video and then switch to a slide and video? That, and more, is all possible with our platform.
  6. Our Engagement Score: Measure your audience’s engagement with our Engagement Score feature. This provides reporting on each of your attendee’s participation level. You can see when people were most engaged with your program and even where you need to improve for next time. It has never been easier to calculate the ROI of your virtual events.
  7. Online-Real Time Technical Support: Our team of technical support associates will handle any sized audience. Phone and chat support are also available for your program, ensuring your participants are taken care of from start to finish.  Technical problems obviously add to “virtual fatigue” and can ruin an event before it even starts.

Overall, the Xyvid Pro platform offers multiple solutions to overcome virtual fatigue in an online work environment. We can help you “Present Better” while also improving the experience of your audience. Call or email us today and see everything the Xyvid team and our unique platform can do for you.