The New Frontier of Webcasting


Xyvid’s  Audience Engagement Tools  

At Xyvid, we focus on the viewer experience. Of course, we deliver  traditional virtual event mechanics like polling, slides and moderated  Q&A -- But the technologists at Xyvid are constantly innovating  additional tools to use with in its platform that will ensure message  delivery success. So now Xyvid is taking you to the next frontier of web  broadcasting -- and that frontier is complete audience engagement. Complete  Audience Engagement Tools are proven to boost brand name recognition and  longevity.  And it improves the  communication of complex ideas and extends content retention.


These tools include things like gamification – this allows you to create competition  amongst a group of people, or challenge an individual’s own subject matter  knowledge.  This engagement tool is set  to stimulate interest and improve retention of a topic by having people “play  games” for content understanding.


And Pulse.  An event pulse can appear  within an event at anytime, gauge the mood of viewers and offer immediate  data on how the program is doing through the eyes of the audience.


Create a WordCloud to help build comradery within your event by creating a  lasting merge of words related the question of your choice. And there are a  whole host of other unique engagement tools like webcast aerobics, scratch  off prizes and even applause meters.


Our interface and all of our unique, custom engagement tools allows the  viewer to engage your presentation in a dynamic and memorable way. So when  your company has really important information that needs to reach and endure  with its audience, don’t trust the message to traditional and outdated  webcast technology. Engage and drastically change the way you communicate  your next broadcast message.