Audience Engagement At-a-Glance


Every  virtual event client will tell us they have a specific message delivery need.  And every live webcast event can have different measurement of success.  Fortunately we have an entire array of interactivity tools and approaches you  can take to maximize content impact and retention success. Cutting-edge  interactivity tools (designed for audience engagement excellence) means we  can optimize your message with your target audience.

A frequent concern of virtual presenters is how to keep your  remote audience engaged in the content, and it’s a fair concern in an age  where even in-person audiences are multi-tasking their mobile devices. The  key to engagement is keeping your content, the presentation and the audience  experience constantly changing visually. Imagine a television show where the  images were still images for five minutes at a time. It wouldn’t take long  before the audience figured out they only needed to glance up occasionally.  Avoid your audience zoning out. There is an entire array of pre, during and  post event engagement tools you can use to get your content heard and  remembered.

Virtual Event Audience Engagement  Tools

Engaging Pre-Event Can  Include:

  • Pre-Registration Announcements
  • Custom Invitations
  • Confirmations
  • Automated Reminders

Engaging During the Event Can  Include:

  • Synchronized slides with video
  • Live polling
  • Live questions to build a dialogue between the speaker and online  audience
  • Second Screen experiences
  • Gamification and in-event competitions
  • Web Aerobics
  • Speaker or topic pulses
  • Attendee Mapping
  • Virtual Scratch-off tickets
  • Social media integration
  • Word Clouds


  • Enduring event archives
  • Social media applications
  • Interactive post-event analytics
  • Surveys results and post-event communication

The Bottom Line

Companies are feeling pressure to engage their audiences with  tight shrinking budgets. Fortunately, video webcasting may provide a  resounding solution. Live Video Webcasting lets you broaden your audience.  You aren’t limited to local or even national participants - your reach is  global and your interaction is limitless.

Savvy companies are using XVYID PRO for lead generations, corporate  communications, product launches, sales meetings, marketing communications,  and virtual shareholder meetings. Our main goal is to share best practices to  help all of our customers utilize video webcasting to engage and inspire  their employee and client base.