6 Ways to Look Your Best When Using a Webcam


Do you find yourself using a webcam more than usual recently?

As many of us are transitioning to working remotely, we are also using webcams more than usual. The use of a webcam helps take away the feelings of isolation that can sometimes be associated with working at home.

Whether your camera is built into your monitor, a free-standing model, or you are utilizing a smart phone, it is imperative to follow specific steps to ensure you and your message are being received in the proper light. We have outlined six ways to look your best when using a webcam.

  1. Be aware of lighting and sound:Try to set up your webcam in an area of your house that has natural light and is free from unwanted sound. For light, it is best to avoid having it shine directly down on you. Aim to have your light source beside or in front of you. As for sound, you want to set up in a room that has carpeting or window treatments. This will help to absorb the noise and avoid an echo. It is also a good idea to use a dedicated microphone, or a head-set with a microphone to avoid picking up ambient sounds.
  2. Be cautious of your background: Much like light and sound, you want to make sure your background portrays you the best. For example, don’t have a plain wall behind you, but also don’t have clutter. Aim to have a simple background such as a bookshelf with a few books or a small table with a vase on top. Also, many webcam applications have options to add a virtual background or blur the background behind you. Additionally, you want to be careful not to have a window behind you as that may impact the video.
  3. Set up your webcam at eye level: You want to set up your webcam, so it is either eye level or a little higher. Below eye level will have you looking down, which will not be the best angle for you. All you have to do to fix this is stack a few books underneath your laptop!
  4. Utilize the mute button: Locate the mute button before your video meetings. If you know you won’t be speaking for an extended time, select the mute button. This gets rid of unwanted background noise.
  5. Make it a point to look at the camera: Many of us end up staring at the monitor or laptop screen during a video call. Try to make the effort to look at the camera when you are speaking. This will help you keep eye contact with whomever you’re speaking with.
  6. Be conscious of what you are wearing: It’s best to avoid patterns, as well as black or white shirts, as it causes problems when the camera is adjusting. You will also want to stay away from distracting or noisy jewelry. Likewise, if you wear glasses, they can reflect light, so it’s best to not wear them, if possible.

Follow our six suggestions to look your best during your next video meeting. However, if you’re looking to host a large-scale, online meeting or event, let the Xyvid professionals help you! It is our mission to help you “Present Better” and look your best while doing so! Learn more about our platform and how we keep your audience engaged for your entire presentation.