Enterprise Video Webcasting for Town Hall Meetings


For  enterprise organizations, the company all-hands or town hall meeting is one  of the most important events in a corporate communications strategy. Video  webcasting a properly structured and delivered town hall event will allow you  to stream live, capture, re-broadcast on-demand, and reach your entire  intended audience on a basic internet connection, in an incredibly  cost-effective manner.

The company town hall (typically a quarterly or annual event) can now  easily be attended by every employee, and it allows the CEO and/or management  to present company goals, awards and recognition; engage in planning  sessions; and provide motivation for the work ahead. The value of the town  hall, live or virtual, resides in good engagement with your audience for  transparency, communicating the company’s future plans, addressing employee  concerns and much more.

Video Webcasting such events allows you to provide all of your employees  with the ability to both watch and participate in the activities of a  traditional town hall meeting from anywhere in the world while all but  eliminating travel costs, minimizing downtime, and reducing venue costs.  That’s right- engage AND save. Virtual town hall meetings can be customized  to include chat functionality for Q & A, surveys and polling and  real-time collaboration tools to create a fully interactive town hall  experience for every employee, regardless of location.

Video  Webcasting Town Hall Meetings - The Benefits

Hold inexpensive town halls on a regular basis without the logistical  challenges and experience the benefit of:

  • Lower meeting costs with  a more effective way to increase your employee engagement
  • Consistent message  delivery through more engaging meeting experiences
  • Provide more frequent  updates on critical content
  • Motivate your  employees
  • One central internal  location to host all your company news, executive meetings and HR  announcements

Archiving (recording for replay) these meetings is a great way to engage  those who may have missed the live original presentation and helps you ensure  consistency of the delivered message. Archiving also helps to maintain  momentum and interest in the events and their content.